SQUARE AS A CHAIR AND ALMOST TOO HEAVY TO LIFT, MFA Thesis Exhibition, CalArts, April 16 - 20, 2012

Installation View
Installation View
handkerchief, 12" x 18"; watercolor on found paper

handkerchief, Detail
rag, 12" x 18"; watercolor and gesso on found paper
rag, Detail
bindle, dimensions variable; painted paper, composted animal bones, paper clay, and gesso on branch
bindle, Detail
linen press, 12" x 14"; handkerchiefs, tablecloths, rags, canvas, handmade paper, and found drawer
seeds, dimensions variable; paperclay, watercolor, shellac, rag, and gesso on floor
seeds, Detail
Still from centerpiece, 6 minute film

Watch "Centerpiece" on Vimeo
Untitled, dimensions variable; table, cutting board, gesso, mending egg, and baguette
Untitled, Detail